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Yesterday evening was the annual holiday book Yankee swap/white elephant for the Junior League of Washington’s Community Affairs Council (formerly known as the Literacy Council), which oversees my committee. I look forward to this event every year as so many women get super excited about books and it’s a great chance to find new books to add to my to-read list.

This year I wasn’t quite up for digging through the basement to find the perfect wrapping paper and coordinating ribbon. I decided to borrow a work Secret Santa tradition by using newspaper as wrapping paper and then searched on Pinterest for easy options for adornment. And I think I really knocked it out of the ballpark!

DIY Wrapping

The book on top was wrapped in a gorgeous full-page Hermes newspaper ad of a Christmas tree made of their neckties found on the back page of the WSJ’s front section and the second book was wrapped in the front page article of another section of a different WSJ.

For the bows, I followed this tutorial I found on Pinterest and used two ads found in an abandoned trade magazine in the office.

I showed the picture above to a couple of people in my office today and one thought it was a fantastic idea for her very granola, very green son-in-law who turns his nose up at anything not recycled.

Not bad for last minute wrapping!

Tess, the Lioness