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I will drag my feet to make any decision that involves a good chunk of change. I want to make an educated, well-informed, well thought out, thoroughly slept on decision if I am giving up hard-earned cash.

Which is why my hair looks AWFUL right now as the results will be so fleeting. I don’t know how people can bear to look at me. The holiday season – the season to see and be seen in our sparkly best – is upon us. My hair has to look its best – perfectly coiffed in every way. Because as a single lioness, who knows what handsome, single lion I might cross paths with while merry-making? (Ooh la la!)

My eyes have been glued to the Internet and the TV looking for fellow blonde, brown-eyed ladies for inspiration. And even a few lighter brunettes, too. Don’t forget CHANGE is still whispering in my ear. (And this does not mean I will go natural – natural now includes grays. I’m officially the o-word.)

Forehead fringe, ie bangs, have never suited me. Cocker spaniel hair is out.  Should I go pixie? Decisions, decisions, and less than 48 hours to go before my hair appointment. Eek!

Below are some ladies who caught my eye…

I consider it a high compliment when friends say I look like the adult version of the perfectly poised Kiernan Shipka. While unlikely I can achieve the same bouffant as Miss Kiernan here, the darker color with the golden tips is lovely. (Source: Hellocotton.com/Credit: Getty)

The beautiful & gamine Carey Mulligan – While this short cut is a grown-out pixie, I love the color combination of the honey & platinum blondes and how the cut allows her natural waves to come through. (Source: Shorthairstylesgallery.com)

Maggie Grace showing off more honey blonde tones with platinum streaks closer to her face. (Source: TomandLorenzo.com/Credit: Getty Images)

Kate and I share the same toes. Why not the same hair? (Source: TomandLorenzo.com/Credit: Getty Images)

Drum roll, please!

Tess, the Lioness