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A small Thanksgiving-related confession: Tess and Turkey have only met twice on Thanksgiving Day. Thirty years of Thanksgiving dinners and a turkey has taken center stage two times. (Don’t fret though! The statistics for Christmas dinner would be the exact opposite – LOTS of turkey action going on there.)

Very simple reason – Thanksgiving is my mother’s show and Mumsy will quickly declare that she does not “deal with carcasses”. Instead, Mumsy serves a juicy, luscious beef tenderloin. Mmmmm. (Christmas was always my grandmother’s time to shine and Grandma loved a good bird.)

This year, my sister was gifted a frozen turkey and after a bit of family debate, it was decided we would keep (and cook!) the bird rather than give it away. Which means I get to add a new life-changing event to my Facebook timeline:

 November 2012 – Tess’s First Attempt to Cook a Turkey

Let the research begin! (All suggestions, guidance, and support are encouraged!)

Tess, the Lioness