Hard to tell which day we are on – not because I can’t keep track of three short days but because it all depends on who you ask in the house. Mumsy will claim we are on Day 4 since the air conditioning has been officially non-functioning since Friday morning. My sister and I did not begin our suffering properly until Saturday morning, waking to swollen extremities and sticky skin.

Saturday was tough. Long and short of it. Only redemptions of the day were watching Nebraska trounce Southern Miss as expected and the long-awaited season premiere of Doctor Who! Chilled white wine in my hand, a bag of ice under my swollen feet, and a fantastic return to Doctor Who on the TV helped me temporarily forget a house full of stuffy air.

Sunday dawned with cooler air and more determination than ever to properly escape the stifling, unfresh environment. A cold shower never seemed so beautifully perfect and as soon as we were all ready to exit, the clothes came on and out the door we went and with no firm plans, we had quite the day!

First up was the National Building Museum. I heard about the miniature golf exhibit created by local architects and development firms and looked forward to trying golf that had been described as “challenging and thought-provoking.” Everyone had heard about it too. But unlike me, they knew that Sunday was the penultimate day of the exhibit and the line to play was two hours long. After a quick bite, we toured the “Can”struction exhibit in the atrium – architectural and design marvels reimagined using cans.

All You Need Is Love

Hoover Dam

Grand Canyon

We then drove through Rock Creek Park up to a well-known DC independent bookstore, Politics & Prose. I could have stayed through for hours searching for new authors and books to read but Mumsy could not handle the jazz background music. (Mumsy abhors jazz.) I focused on looking for National Book Festival authors and decided on books on two authors – John Green and Vernor Vinge. But not without documenting authors I need to look up in future!

NBF Represent!

Books to pick up next time

We next headed to Bethesda to catch “Beasts of the Southern Wild” at the independent movie theater. Critics have absolutely adored this movie. We all left going, “HUH?” The movie certainly made me appreciate the clean house waiting for me and the promise of air conditioning to come all the more!

As we walked into the garage thinking the excitement of the day was over, a car exiting the garage threw an axle. Is that right? All I know is that we heard a noise that sounded like the tire/wheel of the car was doomed and the three of us froze.  As witnesses, we knew we had to stay and help. But how could three non-buff, very nicely (yet appropriately casual) attired women help with a busted wheel? After about 30 seconds of fluster and confusion of what exactly had happened, it came to us. By playing traffic cops! Yep – I helped direct the in-flow traffic while Mumsy helped with the out-flow and my sister went in search of someone more official to help. A security guard for the garage was tracked down and guess what he said when he saw the situation? “This isn’t in my job description.” HA! As if it was in ours. Mumsy set him in his place both literally and figuratively.

We progressed to the more mundane task of grocery shopping and returned home with only a short time before bed. All the windows were opened last night which allowed for a lovely enough cross breeze as to induce the long-suffering Miss Mopsy out of her cool hidey-hole. So I awoke to this:

Miss Mopsy in fine form

No desperate attempts to flee the house today so I embodied the spirit of Labor Day and worked. Both actual work and National Book Festival. Quite thankful the oppression lifted before having to return to work tomorrow; otherwise I likely would have gone quite befuddled.

Tess, the Lioness